Pastor's Message

A Message from Pastor Martin Kaufmann

In December of 2013, Trinity celebrated its 60th Anniversary under the theme "Blessed Abundantly." The congregation held one worship service the morning December 8th having invited former pastors, charter members, and a special guest preacher. All shared in a fellowship meal following the service. We celebrated Trinity's heritage and the contributions that Trinity members, friends, and staff have made to the church over the years. Above all, we thanked the Triune God for his physical and spiritual blessings, past, present, and future.

We cherish our past history, but recognize the importance of our life of faith today. It is a life of faith in Jesus as one's savior from sin that enables us to look forward to the future realities of heaven.

Trinity congregation is a place where this Christian faith is nurtured in the lives of all, from the youngest infant who is baptized to parents raising children to those more advanced in years. We are a congregation who worships the triune God together, hears the Word of God, receives the Sacrament, and grows in the Word of God through various Christian growth opportunities. We have a healthy fellowship that cares for one another and supports one another in the Christian faith. We exist not only for ourselves, but to also reach out to our community and world through acts of service, prayers, and through financial support.

It is my hope that you find this website helpful in learning a little more about our congregation. If you have any specific questions, please stop by or contact me and I would be happy to assist you.

God's richest blessings,
Pastor Martin Kaufmann